Special Quotes from the Book – Part 2

Kicking Butt in Computer Science: Women in Computing at Carnegie Mellon University by Carol Frieze, Ph.D. and Jeria Quesenberry, Ph.D.

Special Quotes from the Book – Part 2:

“We believe that changing the perception of CS, and of who can succeed and enjoy CS, will go a long way to determining who will participate. But, whether it is defined by its scientific aspects or by its engineering aspects or by its career potential we need to recognize that low enrollments in CS arise from cultural preconceptions that can limit anyone and changing cultural perceptions has the potential to help turn the situation around.”

“Changes at Carnegie Mellon have made the culture of computing more inclusive of a broader population of participants. Our School of Computer Science story can contribute to re-defining the understanding of who can succeed in CS without appealing to the perceived stereotypical interests of women, or men for that matter.”

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