The Book’s Outstanding Features – Part 1

Kicking Butt in Computer Science: Women in Computing at Carnegie Mellon University by Carol Frieze, Ph.D. and Jeria Quesenberry, Ph.D.

The Book’s Outstanding Features – Part 1:

–The story of the “Women-CS fit” women at Carnegie Mellon is a positive and encouraging story of women in computer science in contrast to the abundance of discouraging accounts of women’s experiences in the field in the USA and parts of the western world.

–The book presents a unique opportunity to examine changes in the micro-culture of a department. We have the opportunity to examine both a pre-1999 imbalanced environment and a post-1999 balanced environment; balanced in terms of gender, breadth of student personalities, and professional support for women. The book shows how in a balanced environment, perceived gender differences start to dissolve and we see men and women displaying a spectrum of attitudes, including many gender similarities, in how they relate to CS.

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