The Book’s Outstanding Features – Part 2

Kicking Butt in Computer Science: Women in Computing at Carnegie Mellon University by Carol Frieze, Ph.D. and Jeria Quesenberry, Ph.D.

The Book’s Outstanding Features – Part 2:

–The authors advise caution in using strategies based on the presumed interests of women, often known as “female-friendly” strategies, since they tend to be divisive and can serve to marginalize women further.

–The book pulls together some interesting case studies of cultures, micro-cultures and situations in which women are contributing to computer science. Such case studies, along with the Carnegie Mellon case studies, show that women’s low participation in CS is related to specific cultures and is not a universal situation.

–The book looks at a variety of cultural factors that impact participation in computer science including K-12 curriculum, images of computing, and the nature/nurture debates.

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