Excerpt from Chapter 1 – “The Importance of Balance”

Kicking Butt in Computer Science: Women in Computing at Carnegie Mellon University by Carol Frieze, Ph.D. and Jeria Quesenberry, Ph.D.

Excerpt from Chapter 1 – “The Importance of Balance”:

So, what are the findings that lead us to such conclusions? In the specific
case of Carnegie Mellon several in-depth case studies along with ongoing
observations, surveys and discussions with students and faculty,
showed that improving “balance” has been the critical factor. As the
environment became more balanced post-1999 in terms of gender,
breadth of student personalities, and enhanced opportunities for
women through Women@SCS the culture changed. Our studies show
that as students inhabit, and participate in, a more balanced environment,
and as both men and women have opportunities to contribute to
shaping the culture, perceived gender differences start to dissolve and
both men and women can be successful in the CS major without accommodating
what are thought to be the specific interests and learning styles
of women.

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