Encouraging high school girls to pursue CS

From time to time we get messages from our readers. We love hearing your feedback and thoughts. We especially enjoy hearing from our young readers. Recently we received a kind message from a high school student in Maryland. Her words meant a lot to us and we wanted to share a few of her thoughts with you:

“Most of girls in my school think once they told people they like computer science, they will definitely fall into the “nerdy” category and people will avoid making friends with them. I think the mindset is actually not really true because I think programming will be part of people’s lives but will not be all of it.”

“When I read your book, I can find echoes in my heart.”

“This is the first time that a book about computer science can actually touch my heart in such a deep level.”

Together let’s keep working to encourage high school girls to read the book and get the message that they too can kick butt in CS!

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